Core Facilities

Scheduling and billing application for core facilities at UNMC.


About this Guide

This user manual and application guide was developed by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research for Core Facility users and administrators.

Sections in this guide may apply only to people with elevated permissions in the Research Support System. If a display looks different or there are fewer options available on your screen, this is normal and indicates that certain functions may not be available to you. If you believe this to be in error, contact the VCR's office.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have questions about my billing statement. Who do I contact?

See the bottom of your billing statement. Each core facility has a point-person for their billing questions.

I used the wrong cost object when creating an appointment. Can the core change it/reverse the charges?

The core entered the wrong cost object when creating an appointment. Can the core change it/reverse the charges?

Login & Access Requests

Federated Access

Users from University of Nebraska institutions may log in to the UNMC Research Support Services application to schedule core services and view billing statements.

Click the appropriate logo for your institution of the Research Support Services login screen.

University of Nebraska Kearney Users: Please click the "InCommon" tile, then select UNK from the options provided on the next screen.


You will be redirected to your institution's login. Using your institution's credentials, complete the login process.

Once signed in, you will be asked to enter additional details on an access request form. Enter all required information that was not automatically populated.

In the field, "describe your need for this access," please enter:
Core Facility scheduling and billing access

Enter the code shown in the CAPTCHA image and click 'Submit'. Your request will be processed within two business days. Then, you may log in to the Research Support System using your institutional credentials normally.



Billing Statements and Invoices


An invoice for services provided within UNMC are called "billing statements." Traditional invoices are only sent to core facility customers who are not internal to UNMC.

Core facilities use an automated process for billing that is completed once a month for the previous month. For example, services rendered and billed in May will be processed and posted in SAP in June. All charges are posted directly into SAP based on the cost object provided at the time of service.

The principal investigator being billed for services will receive an email from each core when billing is completed for that month.

Core facilities cannot make billing changes due to a cost object that was incorrectly provided by the customer. Should a charge need to be moved to a different account, contact your department's accounting administrator to initiate a journal transfer.

View/Print Billing Statements

To view or print billing statements or invoices, access the "CORE" tab in the RSS. Under "Billing," select "Billing Statements Dashboard."

The bottom of each billing statement has core-specific contact information if you have questions about the services that were billed.