Distinguished Scientists

Submitting a Nomination

  1. Navigate to nuramp.nebraska.edu.
  2. Using your institutional credentials, sign in to the system. You will need to use Duo two-factor authentication to sign in.

  1. In the top right corner of your screen, click the "add" button, then select "Add New Application" under "Internal Competitions".

  1. In the "Select a competition" dropdown, select "UNMC Distinguished Scientist and Other Research Awards Nomination". The details of the nomination process will be displayed.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the details section and click the "Start Application" button to begin a new nomination.

  1. Review the award criteria and ensure that the person you are nominating meets the minimum criteria.

  2. In the "Nomination Details" section, search for and select the nominee's name, college/institute, department, and select the award for which you would like to nominate them.

  1. Enter a brief statement of nomination. Indicate the reasons why you are nominating this individual and how they are contributing to research at UNMC.

  2. Search for and select your name as nominator. If you are submitting the nomination on behalf of someone else, search and select their name. Self-nominations are permitted.

  3. Upload the nominee's curriculum vitae. In lieu of a full CV, the nominee's biosketch may be used.

  4. When finished, select the "check if this page is complete" checkbox. Then click "save and go to next". Your nomination will be checked for completeness. If anything needs to be filled out or updated, the form will indicate the error.

  1. On the next page, click "Start Routing" to sign off and submit the nomination.

  1. Provide your initials, then click "submit".