Completing an Application


To complete an application, principal investigators, their collaborators, and assistants may enter the project details into the form fields. This includes the project details, budget, and goals.

Each page of the application form has a progress indicator that indicates the form's status in the workflow. As sections of the application are completed, the sidebar will update with a check box.

It is helpful to note your application ID number To quickly return to an application you've started, simply search using the application ID number from the Application screen search field

Project Details

Application Summary

Details about the application, including the unique ID, name of the competition and due date are available on the initial page.

Form Preparation

Enter the title of the project, the type of grant being requested, and whether a Reviewer Non-Disclosure Agreement is required. Depending on the competition there may be fewer or additional fields. Starred fields are required.

Principal Investigator

Each application may only have one principal investigator (PI). Enter a few letters of their first or last name into the search field and click the correct person from the results to populate their information.

Repeat the same steps for the PI's college and department, keeping in mind there may be multiple options across campuses.

Before moving on, double-check that the correct college, department, and campus have been selected for the PI. These selections will determine how the form is routed for signatures later in the process; they must be correct for the application to be considered.


If the application will have co-investigators, click the "Add New Co-Investigators" button to populate them.

This will open a modal window to add each co-investigator. The co-investigator form works identical to the PI lookup form.

Before moving on, check to make sure the information is correct for each co-investigator. To view or edit a co-investigator, click the pencil icon (icon of a pencil) next to their name. To remove a co-investigator, click the "X" icon (icon of an X mark) next to their name.

Abstract and Narrative

Some competitions have a separate field for Abstracts. You may paste your text, but not images into this field. Other competitions require the Abstract and Narrative to be uploaded as a single file. Read your competition guidelines carefully to determine how to structure your proposal.


Budgets vary from competition to competition. Some will ask for budget details to be filled out in a separate budget step, some have only a field or two to fill out, others ask for a budget to be uploaded as a separate file.

Simple budgets will ask for dollar amounts to be entered into defined fields. These budgets often include a self-totaling field. Do not attempt to adjust this field, if the total is not what you intended adjust the contributing fields.

Complex budgets can involve multiple categories and sub-award information. Starred fields are required and you may need to enter a zero if there are no budget requirements for that category.

Look for a file upload button near the bottom of a budget page if budget spreadsheets or justifications are required.

Read the competition guidelines to be certain that you do not include items which are not allowed and that the budget includes all necessary information.

Compliance Information

If a competition includes a section for compliance, this is required information even if you have been asked to supply it separately on the UNMC face sheet. You will be asked to add protocol numbers and status by clicking on the "Add protocols" field that appears when you've checked a regulated area.