Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Regulations Pertaining to hESC Research

Key Contacts

The Scientific Research Oversight Committee (SROC) within the Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) can answer all questions and assist with the SROC submission process.

Phone: 402-559-3779

Research Requiring SROC Approval

All studies using hESC must be SROC and IRB approved and employ federally approved hESC cell lines that are used according to all federal, state and university regulations.

Application and Approval Process

Research proposals utilizing hESC lines must undergo substantive scientific and scholarly merit and resource review. This review may be done by the PI’s school, department, or division. Certification of this review must be attached to the Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Submission Form and submitted to the SROC for approval. See

The SROC committee undertakes all of the tasks for an Institutional ESCRO and these responsibilities include:

  • Provide oversight over all issues related to deviation and use of hES cell lines.
  • Review and approve the scientific merit of research protocols.
  • Review compliance of all in-house hES cell research with all relevant regulations and these guidelines.
  • Maintain registries of hES cell research conducted at the institution and hES cell lines derived (not relevant in Nebraska) or imported by institutional investigators.
  • Facilitate education of investigators involved in hES cell research.

The SROC is not a subcommittee of the IRB, however, it reports its actions to the UNMC IRB and the Chancellor.

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