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International Research

Research Handbook

Introduction All research conducted at another site, including in another country, must comply w...

Training and Oversight

Research Handbook Animal Research

Training Requirements Federal regulations require institutions to provide training in the humane...

Industry Sponsored Research

Research Handbook Industry-sponsored Contracts

Who can help me with industry-sponsored research? Your department administrator and the SPAdmin ...

Clinical Trial Contracts

Research Handbook Industry-sponsored Contracts

Getting Started Who can help me with industry-sponsored clinical trials? Your department admini...

Research Support and Resources

Research Handbook Research Support

Radiologic Images for Research Studies Can the institution upload radiology images electronicall...

Core Facilities and Service Centers

Research Handbook Research Support

Research Service Centers/Core Facilities To assist researchers in basic, translational and clini...


Research Handbook Animal Research

Available Facilities Comparative Medicine operates seven animal housing and/or support facilitie...

Procurement and Management

Research Handbook Animal Research

Pricing Information Current pricing for Comparative Medicine charges can be found on the Compara...

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Research Handbook Animal Research

Key Contacts The Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) answers all questions and assists with the I...

Off-campus Trials

Research Handbook Clinical Research

Special Considerations As the sponsor of a multi-center trial, additional considerations may be ...

Technology Transfer

Research Handbook

Technology transfer Technology transfer is the transfer of knowledge and discoveries to the publ...

Drug/Device Trials

Research Handbook Clinical Research

Introduction All clinical trials that use an approved drug or investigational product supplied t...

Cancer Related Trials

Research Handbook Clinical Research

Introduction The oncology Clinical Trials Office (CTO) provides central management and oversight...

Managing Clinical Trials

Research Handbook Clinical Research Registry Required Registration Registration is required for trials that meet...

Clinical Trial Monitoring

Research Handbook Clinical Research

Data Safety Monitoring All human subject research should have an appropriate data safety monitor...

Resources for Clinical Research

Research Handbook Clinical Research

Introduction UNMC has developed many resources for clinical and translational research through t...

Developing a Budget

Research Handbook Human Subject Research

Considerations for Preparing a Budget For studies that require a grant or contract, the Investig...

Institutional Review Board

Research Handbook Human Subject Research

Introduction The UNMC Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews all human subject protocols condu...

Human Subjects Protection Training

Research Handbook Human Subject Research

Required Human Subjects Protection Training All research personnel planning to conduct human sub...

1.1 Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)

HRPP Policies and Procedures Section 1: General Human Research Prote...

1.0 Purpose The purpose of this policy and procedure is to provide a basic description of the Or...