Billing Statements and Invoices


An invoice for services provided within UNMC are called "billing statements." Traditional invoices are only sent to core facility customers who are not internal to UNMC.

Core facilities use an automated process for billing that is completed once a month for the previous month. For example, services rendered and billed in May will be processed and posted in SAP in June. All charges are posted directly into SAP based on the cost object provided at the time of service.

The principal investigator being billed for services will receive an email from each core when billing is completed for that month.

Core facilities cannot make billing changes due to a cost object that was incorrectly provided by the customer. Should a charge need to be moved to a different account, contact your department's accounting administrator to initiate a journal transfer.

View/Print Billing Statements

To view or print billing statements or invoices, access the "CORE" tab in the RSS. Under "Billing," select "Billing Statements Dashboard."

The bottom of each billing statement has core-specific contact information if you have questions about the services that were billed.


Show Step-by-Step Details

First, select "Billing Statement Dashboard" from the Core Billing menu.


The Dashboard will load with all statements in which you have either a Billed Faculty, Contact, or Machine Operator role. This may take a moment to load if you have roles in many cores.


Only the most recent 25 statements will load on this initial view. Let the page finish loading before selecting any of the filters.

To ensure that you have loaded all the billing statements, complete any of the filterable fields, "core name", "bill to" or "invoice begin date" and "Search" to load all statements of interest.


Use the page navigation links to move between the displayed pages.


Finally, click "View" to pull up the details of the selected billing statement and generate a PDF version of the billing statement that can be printed, saved, or e-mailed for record keeping.


If you do not see any billing statements, you do not have a role that enables you to see the statements of others.

If you are an administrator managing accounts for departmental faculty please see the Administrators Dashboard page.