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Attach Files

Most NuRamp applications will require additional information to be added to a proposal or review in the form of an attachment.

NuRamp accepts files with the following formats: .docx, .doc, .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .jpg, .png, or .pdf.

File Upload

Files should be attached using the File Upload sections in the Form Preparation step of the application. Depending on the competition there may be more than one place that requires files to be uploaded. Notably, budget justifications are often required to be uploaded in the budget section rather than with other documents.

Always read your competition instructions to determine if proposal materials should be uploaded as a single document or if multiple attachments are required.

Typical types of attachments are lay abstracts, proposal narratives, budget justifications, biosketches, and PHS Inclusion Enrollment reports. If a competition requires multiple attachments it is best to name each uniquely with the application ID#, PI name, and type of document, i.e. 27699-Wilkie-LayAbstract.

File Attachment Menu

The File Attachment menu in the Application Summary allows you to easily navigate to where your file attachments are found. As files are attached to your application they will be cached here.

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