Industry Sponsored Research

Who can help me with industry-sponsored research?

Your department administrator and the SPAdmin Contracts Associate should be notified as soon as you identify a study in which you plan to participate.


Phone: 402-559-7456

What does SPAdmin require prior to reviewing a nonclinical contract?

To initiate the negotiation process, submit the following documents to the SPAdmin Contracts Associate:

  • Editable contract template from the sponsor (i.e., a Word document)
  • Scope of work
  • Contact information for the sponsor’s negotiator

Who negotiates the contract?

The SPAdmin Contracts Specialist will negotiate the agreement.

Who signs the contract?

The Director of SPAdmin (or designee) signs these agreements as the official signature authority for sponsored projects at UNMC. SPAdmin coordinates the signature process. Investigators may be asked to sign that they have read and acknowledged the terms of the agreement.

If a sponsor requires a Confidential Disclosure Agreement prior to releasing their protocol and negotiating a study agreement, is is okay to sign?

SPAdmin will review, negotiate, and sign the CDA. Email the CDA request and template to the SPAdmin Contracts Associate for handling.

Finalizing Awards

Awards may be set up as soon as the contract is fully executed and the internal forms are approved.