Managing Awards

Sub-Site Monitoring (if UNMC has subcontracted to other sites)

UNMC is obligated to the sponsor to act as a good steward of the entire award and must therefore monitor the activities of any sub-sites.

For more information on Sub-recipient Monitoring obligations, see UNMC Policy #6108.

Changes Requiring Formal Approval by the Sponsor

Change in PI or Key Personnel

UNMC must seek prior sponsor approval if the PI withdraws from the project entirely and the study is assigned to a new PI.

No-Cost Extensions

Projects may be extended at no-cost in one of two ways, depending on sponsor requirements:

  • Internal extensions do not require sponsor approval and merely extend the budget period internally if additional work on the project is required or additional payments are anticipated. Extensions are obtained in collaboration with SPAdmin.
  • Extensions requiring external approval formally extend the budget period through an amendment signed by both the sponsor and the institution (UNMC/NEMed), indicating additional work is required or payments are anticipated.

No-cost extension request forms can be accessed through ADIS.

Residual Funds

Upon completion of the research, no more than 25% of the funds may remain prior to transfer to another account.