How to Use This Guide

Organization and Structure

Chapters and Pages

The Research Handbook is organized using chapters and pages, which are listed in the left navigation sidebar. Some pages are stand-alone, while others are located inside chapters.

To view the pages located within a chapter, click the caret mark to expand the page list.

Page Sections

Each page has sections, like "introduction", that provide large-scale information, and subsections that provide additional details.  These are then organized into a per-page table of contents that is located in the left sidebar.

Content and Interactivity

The Research Handbook is a fully searchable, interactive guide that has flexible content and direct links to resources with more information.

The search bar is located at the top center of each page and can be used to quickly find what you're looking for in the handbook.

Any text in red, like this here, is a link to a resource. Some links go to another section of the handbook, others go to a different UNMC website, and some lead to external resources.

The handbook is regularly checked for links that don't appear to be working properly. Should you find one while navigating the handbook, drop us a line to let us know.

Information Boxes

Important information that might need to be accessed frequently or otherwise needs to be called out may show up in a box like this:

I'm a box with important information.  The content in a blue section you may find helpful to write down or keep track of for future reference.

I'm a box with cautionary information.  The content in an orange section may need to be paid special attention and may involve multiple levels of decision-making.

I'm a box with extremely important information.  The content in a red section indicates that it is highly restricted or will need multiple levels of review.

I'm a box with general information.  The content in a green section is for emphasis only and does not indicate a level of severity.