Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Key Contacts

The Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) answers all questions and assists with the IACUC submission process.

Phone: 402-559-6046

Research Requiring IACUC Approval

Prior to project initiation, every research, testing, and teaching project involving the use of a live vertebrate animal must be reviewed and approved by the IACUC.


  1. IACUC Application of Animal Research/Testing/Training are completed on-line through the Research Support System to apply for approval of research using animals if:

    • You are a faculty member or student at UNMC or UNO who proposes to use animals in research, testing, or training.
    • This is a new project or one that is due for 3-Year Review.
  2. Addendum to Experimental Application - Breeding Procedures. Completion of this form for existing paper protocols is required only when the experimental design includes the need to breed animals. The form is avaliable online.

  3. Study Personnel: Responsibilities, Qualifications and Experience. The IACUC ensures that personnel who conduct procedures on research animals are appropriately qualified and trained in those procedures. The IACUC application requests detailed information about experience, education, and training on each individual listed on a protocol. See detailed information on the IACUC website.

Approval Criteria

Investigators are encouraged to pay careful attention to these criteria during both the design and conduct phases of their research projects:

  • Potential Value of the Study
  • Selection of an Animal Model
  • Alternatives to Animal Use
  • Minimization of Animal Usage
  • Alternatives to Potentially Painful Procedures
  • Refinement of the Protocol to Reduce Potential Pain
  • Restraints
  • Pain Control During Acute Procedure(s)
  • Estimation of Potential Post-Operative or Post-Intervention Pain
  • Post-Procedure and Chronic Care
  • Euthanasia/Disposition of Animals
  • Investigator(s) Qualifications, Training and Experience

For more detail regarding the criteria, see the IACUC website