Technology Transfer

Technology transfer

Technology transfer is the transfer of knowledge and discoveries to the public. It can occur through publications, educated students entering the workforce, exchanges at conferences, and relationships with industry, among other things. For the purposes of this guide, technology transfer refers to the formal licensing of technology to third parties under the guidance of professionals employed by universities, research foundations, and businesses.


UNeMed is a non-profit corporation owned by the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska that is responsible for a spectrum of technology transfer activities including protecting, marketing and commercializing UNMC and UNO inventions.

Working with UNeMed

Contact UNeMed during your early research activities to be aware of the options that will best leverage the commercial potential of your research. UNeMed staff are trained to assist you with questions related to marketability, commercial partners, patenting and other protection methods, new start-up considerations, University policies and procedures, and much more.

How do I protect my intellectual property when sharing the protocol with sponsors to secure funding?

A Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) or Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a contract for the protection of proprietary information. CDAs require one or both parties to keep specific information confidential. Without a CDA, the individual or company receiving your information is free to use and transmit this information to others. CDAs help preserve the value of your invention or other intellectual property.

I have an invention I want to protect. How do I start?

To report an invention to UNeMed, fill out a New Invention Notification (NIN) form. The NIN will create a written, dated record of your invention and provide information from which the patent potential and commercial potential of your invention can be evaluated. The NIN form also ensures compliance with U.S. federal laws, University policy, and the policies of several research-funding agencies.

UNeMed will evaluate the NIN to determine the scope of possible intellectual property protection and commercial potential. UNeMed will then seek appropriate intellectual property protection and begin to market the invention. Find the form at

Additional Information

UNeMed answers more questions on their website at

There is also a downloadable handbook for researchers/inventors. Printed copies are also available.